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Hello to all paper modelers !!!

There are some (few) news about the model of the USS Brooklyn...

First of all, I have used the Tamiya acrilic spray "dull red" to recolor the bottom part of the hull, giving a bit more dark gloss red..

After this, I have glued, the bridges made by a very thin wood layer, designed with laser engraving (a deck kit that I bought together with the ship's paper kit). This is the first time that I'm using something of different from paper for cover the deck' surfaces. The result is not so bad... and a bit lighter than the deck printed on paper..

After the deck, I have started to build all the secondary artillery that will be positioned inside the hull' sponson and casemates... leaving the shields opened, all the secondary gunnery will be enough visible.
So I have built 12 x 127 MM guns + 12 x 47 mm rapid-fire guns that will be glued at their sides, once closed the lateral, upper sides of the hull.

And so... here few pics of the actual status of the model..

Happy paper-modeling !!


"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"
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