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oh, you asked out of politeness...I misunderstood that point from your wording.
my apologies for that!

I believe 28 years has to do with old copyright renewals, the term of registered copyright renewals for older works (whereas now its 78 years?)
We don't even know what copyrights if any have been registered with this document.

I don't know exactly what copyright laws may or may not apply here
or who may or may not own the intellectual rights in this care...
I don't care...because I'm not looking for an excuse or justification to steal someone elses work.

I'm not saying you are either, but my attitude is always look for ownership and ask for permission
before assuming control of any work...I think everyone should act that way regardless of what your intentions are.

unless you are a copyright lawyer in the US and already know the exact letter of the law that applies
in this case, I'm not interested in whatever info is found on the web.
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