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Ecardmodels site issue!

This issue has already been brought up, and we thought it was fixed, but its not!
And I think other (maybe all) visitors are experiencing the problem.

When you visit and look at the front page of Model listings,
you should be looking at the "latest" added models.
Most recent additions to the store are listed in order.

In fact, you can sort what you see by choosing "latest" or price, popularity, etc
But the default setting is "latest". (most recent additions)

Unfortunately the site is not loading the latest releases...even if you refresh the page.
Clearing your browser cache does not seem to help either.

However....there is a way to see the latest releases
...start by choosing another option for the sorting.
Try sort by "popularity" or any of the available options.

Then sort "latest"...and you should get all the latest models.

If you are looking at a Vendor's page, you will have to do the same thing to make sure you are seeing the latest releases.

Until we can figure out whats causing this issue, can I suggest you try this method.
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