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Originally Posted by spacerunner View Post
Hello everybody,

and therewith on to the Final Countdown!

As one can see again in the following image, the substructure of the platform in the Paper kit is designed as a kind of plug-in connection, which gives the thin paper a certain stability which I've denied myself because Styrene (0,2 mm) is stiff enough and slitting the small parts would be difficult.

Likewise, the Cladding (Part 7) should be slotted and the Platform supports (Parts 4/6) should be inserted into these slots and glued, which appeared for me unnecessarily complicated.

Source: Micro Artwork, Mischa Klement (cyana)

That's why I've modified the supports and cut out the contour of the curve so that I could glue it directly onto the cladding.

With the 7 Mini disks ( 0,6 mm x 0,2 mm) I want to try to indicate the screws on the small side claddings.

After the 4 small plates for the motor feet were glued to the platform plate, this had to be fixed again accordingly for the secure gluing of the supports,

with which the platform was completed.

Then the platform could be glued to the case cladding.

And then came the exciting moment of trying on the Propel motor on the platform, whose drive shaft, to my surprise, fitted perfectly into the socket of the dome-shaped attachment.

On this image one can also nicely see the 3 screws on the base of the small cladding.

And if I now calmly make me realize the size of this imposing couple once again next to the Euro Cent,

then a small feeling of satisfaction and also proud of the result of my work creeps over me.

Spectacular work on the gear casing Manfred. You are right to be proud of your work.


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