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Originally Posted by Vermin_King View Post
I was talking about the 'beginner' models. There have been so many people that show their first builds here of things I wouldn't attempt even now. But I still think for the average builder, it is better to learn how paper and glue work, than to dive into the hard stuff right from the start
True, maybe. But not everyone is into building paper pets or other silly looking paper stuff for that matter just to learn how paper models work.

I got into paper models because I was disappointed in plastic models. Their price, the lack of detail, the expensive after-market sets, the smell of the glue and the paints. I discovered the large amount of other models and just dove straight in.
I bit off a lot, but not more than I could chew. I had not yet discovered this forum. But I wouldn't have liked to have started out with a kawaii paper pig, cow or cat. It just isn't my thing. I guess it's the same for Craft.
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