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Thanks for the advice, Don, I will have to check into that. The great thing about these drop tanks is that I can easily leave them off, complete the model, then always come back and add them later if needed.

I am currently struggling through adding the oil cooler underneath the fuselage. I am sure I messed up somewhere, fitting a compound curve part to a compound curve part, so not a knock on the kit itself, just me the maker! Anyway, I am getting through it bit by bit.

Slightly different location in theater, but I was able to finish Lundstrom's "The First Team at Guadalcanal," which is amazingly thorough, and am now reading Toll's "The Conquering Tide."

Tell Jim hello for me, I have two coworkers out there last week and this week finishing up. It is hard to believe it's been two years since I was there. Still one of the highlights of my career to date. Sometimes I wish I could teleport out there and just sit in your all's seminar again.

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