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Hello Philip, very kind of you, sir!

So, I started planking those upper strakes near the stern and I was on a roll, so I didn't end up stopping until I was done with that step. The new parts worked very well

I love the way these ships had lapstraked planking in certain areas.

Anyway, I also included a photo of the beakhead where the scrollwork is that I just painted. That's the color I figure on using for all the decorative work. It's not too bright, which I think goes with the scaled look of the model.

Next steps, based on the instruction sheets is to add the bow cheeks, then some of the port covers and mouldings onto the hull. After that, there are the timberheads, railings, and catheads. That's as far as the step-by-step photo instructions go. After that, it's kind of a free for all!

At that point, I assume I'll be following the general sequence of the part numbers, as well as logical steps.
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