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Hello everybody,

given the occasion, now still once more a swivel back to the Crawler, because the 3D printing of the Gear housings & Propel motors enters the decisive phase.

In the meantime, my ARC friend Joe (crackerjazz) has thought about what he should hollow out on the gear case to save material and what small details he should fill out. Since filling out would take a lot of work, he agreed to my suggestion just to upload the model with the hollowed-out case and see if/what Shapeways would undertake with it.

In this context he asked me which side of the gear case he should leave open, the rear side or the underside, as one can see in this image, wherewith he pleasantly surprised me, since he's apparently intending to upload and let print the entire unit of housing & motor.

Source: ARC Forums (crackerjazz)

Thereupon I looked again at the corresponding Crawler videos by Jürgen Ziegler (FADDA),

Source: Jürgen Ziegler (FADDA) - YouTube

Source: Jürgen Ziegler (FADDA) - YouTube

and have proposed him to leave the Rear wall open, as the case would be glued directly onto the truck's Center structure, as one can see in the two screenshots.

He agreed to this suggestion and has uploaded his 3D model file to Shapeways.

Unfortunately, the link shows the worst possible view of the model, namely from the bottom, which unfortunately almost completely covers the motor.

But in the 3D view one can turn in any view you want, which I once did here.

In the best print quality Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic one unit costs € 10.01, and I've ordered one right away so that Shapeways' procedure of Processing and testing etc. can go started, which could lead to complaints about the printability of too small details, what we don't want to hope.

BTW, I was shocked by the high Shipping costs, which are just as high as the production costs.

Now we can just wait and keep our fingers crossed.

Greetings from Germany
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