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Originally Posted by konguinio871 View Post
3turner because unfortunately I formatted the pc the accounts and the files saved in ecardmodels were deleted and I was left with nothing
We'd like to help you any way we can...with all the info provided already, I hope we can.

Just a side note, when you format your PC, it does not erase any models you bought from ecardmodels in the ecardmodels store. only those stored on your hard drive. So again, if you log into your account and all your purchases will be there. Also as mentioned, if you bought before the rebuild of the website, look through your old emails online (like Gmail). Those also will not be erased when you reformatted your computer. Unless of course you used an email software like Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook to pull all your emails from the online server onto your computer. Then yeah, they'll be gone. only recourse left is to look through your paypal and see when you bought kits and hopefully there was an invoice tied to it that shows the model.
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