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Still designing the C-9 Nightingale, improving some small details with the beta test (the engine's pilons, for example, had been reworked) and assembling the Binter beta test.

There were some doubs about the cockpit section of the -10 version. There was a problem when the original beta test was given. It was corrected and the uploaded version in ecardmodels has the very improved nose. In this pictures you can see the original (left) and the corrected (right) cockpit. There were assembled many corrected sections, but none was attached to the rest of the plane (at least none in full color).
So the plane by the right of the picture is the one that is being distributed.

Going back to the C-9, it has an emergency beacon placed on the top of the tail, with an orange rectangle only by the right side. This addition has been included and will be shown full color in the corresponding beta test and the final model, of course.
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