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Oddball and Curveball

Oddball and Curveball were visiting their local pub. After tossing down a few they both headed out back towards the outhouse needing some relief.

The outhouse had a new upgrade that was recently added: It was a Two Holer.

Two seats side by side. No more waiting. Or at least a faster moving line when one formed.

As they entered, Curveball had to raise his seat, as he bent over to grab it and lift, a nickel fell out of his shirt pocket and down into the smelly black ooze.

The nickel didn't sink-it was right there on top in plain view.

Curveball looked at it for several seconds. Then he looked up and over at Oddball. He looked back into the hole.

Quickly he reached in his pocket and threw a hand-full of money into the abyss.

Oddball asks, "Why'd you do that?"

Curve looks back and says, "You don't think I'm going down there just for a nickel, do ya?"
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