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Wire Frame

The first thing I do is plot the vertices for the wire frame into virtual 3D space, these are essentially the general dimensions drawn at FULL SCALE, this ship is 390.5 feet (119.0244 M) long and 42 feet (12.8016 M) wide.

These images show where I'm at now, the wire frame is about 85% and is only used to establish the general dimensions.

All of the details will fit within this wire frame.
Once complete, I can then start with the virtual 3D model that can then be used not only to create a paper model but this 3-D model can be used for any number of other visual applications.

Here are a few images of the wire frame, each color denotes a different component.
Attached Thumbnails
DD 886 u.s.s. Orleck design process-15.jpg   DD 886 u.s.s. Orleck design process-10.jpg   DD 886 u.s.s. Orleck design process-11.jpg   DD 886 u.s.s. Orleck design process-12.jpg   DD 886 u.s.s. Orleck design process-13.jpg  

DD 886 u.s.s. Orleck design process-14.jpg  
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