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killing time

Okay, I've got plenty of time to kill, I'll be adding smaller and smaller details as I await the ship being moved so I can get photo's of the Port side.

It may be apparent from the model that the Starboard side is now far more detailed as I have plenty of reference material but the Port side is rather void, I simply don't have enough reference materials until the ship is relocated.

Likewise, I have photographic evidence that the steps are painted yellow. I can only assume that ALL steps were this color since I haven't been on the ship and don't know otherwise, same goes with the flight deck markings they will remain that way until I have more definite information.

Interestingly enough, I became preoccupied with the DASH, While researching it, I determined that it would be very small and would be difficult to assemble to any degree of accuracy in the ship model's scale, it will however be included.

What I'm working on now, and a determination has been made that I will model the DASH to a VERY HIGH degree that it might be offered as a, "stand alone" model produced in a much larger scale to be offered separately.

This would essentially create a second noteworthy model that can be used to promote the museum.

More on the DASH next (stay tuned)
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