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Russian Zarya Module

I have a few details to add to the European modules of the ISS, but I wanted to keep the build moving. I started the Zarya module. This is a beautiful kit. I preformed the components by spraying the printed parts with clear acrylic lacquer. When dry, I moistened the back of the print with water and taped it around a spray can to dry. This matched the required radius perfectly.

Not sure if the 4 long raised parts of the Zarya are for cooling, but to add texture and interest, I covered the top with Scott's paper towel that was sprayed with clear acrylic lacquer. I also added raised hand holds and other details. Difficult so see in person, but up close, you can see many of the surface details are raised. I have a few more details to add like the cooling lines and the antenna and optical position indicators.

The Russian section of the ISS will be similar in construction to the European section. My plan is to use a section of 5/8" wooden dowel to connect the major components. Any addition modules will be attached via magnets imbedded at the attachment points during the build. This worked well on the European section.
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