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Hello everybody,

and now to the gluing of the Hold-down Clevis onto the small base plate (0,4 mm x 1,3 mm x 2,6 mm), which shouldn't become a cakewalk, because there's hardly any space on this little snippet and handling seemed extremely difficult.

But so far I've always come up with a solution , even if it may have looked adventurous at times.

It would be skillful if one could glue both Clevis plates onto the base plate in one step, for which I carefully grabbed and aligned them with tweezers, with an inserted spacer with the thickness of the Tie-down Lug Plate (0,4 mm), additionally supported by an inserted round rod ( 0,5 mm).

Of course, both of these must be firmly clamped and fixed before one can start with gluing, for which again only the MEK glue and a fine pointed red sable brush come into question.

The positioning and alignment of the plates in this tricky holder on the base plate could still be done with a lot of care, patience and finesse, but it became clear to me that the gluing between the two rulers had little chance of success because the [color=blue ]base plate[/color] might also stick to the rulers after wetting it with MEK, which has happened to me before, because the creeping ability of MEK is treacherous and unpredictable.

Therefore it was more advantageous to do without the prepared short base plates and to use a longer strip of the same width (1.3 mm), which is fixed with sufficient overhang between the rulers and can cut off after successful gluing.

This gives you a little more freedom of movement with the brush when wetting the tiny corner, which is at least a small relief. However, there is also a risk of sticking to the cutting mat here, especially since my red sable brush seemed too frayed for that anyway.

That's why I thought about whether it wouldn't be better if I got myself a new red sable brush, and the finest there is.

But just with this consideration, it suddenly made Bang, and my daredevil tweezer holder collapsed, what totally scared me.

Luckily the impaled Clevis plates hadn't flew off and survived the mishap unscathed.
Greetings from Germany
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