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Thumbs up very nice job!

the weathering from the exhaust steams is a must have to all p-38 Lightnings congratulation to your courage!

by the way, wak released a new issue from this model- it shows the model flown by cap. Mark K. Shipman- with a nice nose art "skylark IV"
the graphic is designed by Marcin Dworzecki...

but it is a pity that all Lockheeds P-38 papermodels have wrong coloured wheel wells- these parts should be painted in bright grey and after 1942 the wheelwells were unpaintet; they reamained in bare metal...
My research was triggered by original fotos from unrestored Lockheeds p-38.
But still unclear-what was the color inside the artillery space?
(it is possibel to build this model with open cowling)
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