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Originally Posted by Dane View Post
When I say diamond is a stone, I mean gemstone (native crystalline carbon). Pardon me for this inaccuracy.
It's the same in English. There was no inaccuracy.

Originally Posted by Dane View Post
In Russian books about rigging, Diamond Knot (Knob, Button) has a name originating from the gemstone. That had been translated for so many years ago.
Picture #416 from ABOK, p.67 shows a rhombus from a rope. It is obvious. But what about #693 (ABOK, p. 121)? What is it? Is it a gemstone or rhombus?
Thank you.
The shape is named for the gemstone and I think the knot is named for the shape. I can't think of any connection of any knot to the gemstone. However, I don't think anything like this can ever be proven.
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