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Hello everybody,

despite the persistent heat, things have to go on, after all, the final of the Mini-Puzzle Show is just around the corner.

These are the both Evergreen Strips (0,38 mm x 2,0 mm x 2,6 mm) for the top parts of the wider brackets,

under which the narrower Evergreen Strips (0,38 mm x 1,6 mm x 2,6 mm) were glued (left on the ruler).

The narrower bracket was glued to the right edge of the fixed base plate in the manner already described, first with normal Revell glue, and after final alignment additionally still with MEK.

Then the wider bracket was glued to the left beside it, whereby the distances for the Hold-down Clevis were adjusted by spacers, above 0,8 mm)),

and below (1,3 mm),

wherewith the first step was done.

Into this opening the Clevis must now also be able to be pushed,

which also did fit perfectly.

And at these points the Transportation Support Plates for the vertical transport will sit on the Transporter.

Now the floor plates are still missing, onto which the Payload Canister is set down,

for their gluing I had a good orientation through the sketch laying beneath. As always, the be-all and end-all is a stable fixation of the plate so that nothing can slip, as well as pointed tweezers in a steady hand.

And the final stabilization of the Revell gluing with MEK is of course a must and provides additional security.

Finally, the stop bar was glued,

wherewith the plates for one side would almost finish.

Greetings from Germany
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