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Hello again friends. Continuing a bit sporadically I've begun sleeving the City of Yaroslav in her plating. The instructions suggest that you work on the bow and aft simultaneously and arrive in the center with part 11. So on with the build.

The aft cone did require a bit of trimming to the spine so that it fit with the recommended aft clearance. But once that was applied I slipped it on and then continued with the next two sections.

You can probably see that there are some caps where the surface deck meets the plating. I can only hope that this will be covered over later. Hold your breath with me please. I'll also point out that I kept the holes intact on the plating. These were scribed in the cardstock and left in place as I was worried that the paper wouldn't roll smoothly and it was preformed and then applied using the design method. I should be able to trim them out afterwards and then I'll paint the edges with the appropriate color.

I have not painted the interior structure. Maybe I should have. We'll see. On to the bow.

So my method is to glue the sleeves to the base first and then roll it around the hull. You might be able to make out the alignment marks in the center of the keel. This works okay, but I think you can also see how it fit well on one side but not so well on the other.

I'm worried that I should have trimmed the ribs on the hashed lines, rather than on the solid lines. Things you don't know till you get to the next stage.
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