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I think that was "no thanks" but I'm not quite sure. Anyway, you're welcome and it's perfectly straightforward, if you decide to try it. The \hss and \vss commands are what makes it possible for things to go off the edge of the page. For example,

\vbox{\vskip15cm\hbox{\15cm\epsffile{myfile.eps}\h ss}\vss}

causes there to be 15cm skips at the top and left sides, below and to the right of the margins, if any. It doesn't matter how big the image is. If it's too large to fit, it will go off one or both edges of the paper and not cause an error. A printer's PostScript interpreter won't care; it will only print what fits onto the paper.

If you want the image to go off the paper at the top or left, just put the \vss and/or \hss at the beginning instead of the end. That is, after '{' instead of before '}'.
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