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Gun Mounts

Okay, better late than never, this was the update I was going to send yesterday, Sunday but I lost a day or two with the storm so I had to spend all weekend playing, "catch up".

My last visit to the ship was to photograph the tops of the turrets, "Mount 51" and , "Mount 52", referred to as such, the "5" comes from the twin, five inch guns and, "1" or, "2" denotes either the fore or aft mount.

With that in hand I spent the last two weeks detailing them, now I can take a moment to render and check for errors.

Now all I have to do is the Aft Winch and the first deck is done, I can then do the stairs and move up a level.

Two additional animations were added to the play list, "Mount 51" and, "Mount 52", they can be found here->DD 886 - YouTube
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DD 886 u.s.s. Orleck design process-orleck-temp0103.jpg   DD 886 u.s.s. Orleck design process-orleck-temp0104.jpg   DD 886 u.s.s. Orleck design process-orleck-temp0105.jpg   DD 886 u.s.s. Orleck design process-orleck-temp0106.jpg  
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