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Originally Posted by Erik Zwaan View Post
Good progress, Mor. I remember that when installing the landing gear, I found it difficult to properly level the model, and I wasn't really sure if the landing gear was properly scaled to the model. No doubt you will solve these challenges but please check actual pictures carefully to ensure the proper horizontal position. From the picture that you posted at the beginning of the thread it seems like the aircraft is not exactly level. The nose is slightly pointing upwards.

as much as I remember the aircraft after few weeks in the IAF, F-16 (from the field ) is stright or nose slightly pointing down, when the nose is pointing up it's mean that there is no fuel in the aircraft, this is when the aircraft is in the maintanance or exhabition. I think that is better be stright.
and after all - hope that we will able to get landing gear for the aircraft, but also there was other model as memoriel to baby that become Angel sadly.
and for Shalom - nice work wating to see the implementation completed, and again it will be nice if you publish landing gear for the F16.

Best regards Dan
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