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I was told in facebook that my alpha model, the one I'm painting, it's too bright, that the paint should be darker.
And he was right, so I darkened the colors and I'm repainting the plane.
Again, it doesn't affect you, because the model that will be available in ecardmodels has the colors straight from the WWII luftwaffe cathalog and not mixed by hand.
And the model in ecadmodels will have a lot of paneling and wheatering that mine doesn't have.
Anyway, the wing was repainted but the tail wasn't when I took the picture.

Meanwhile, I'm designing all the flaps and aileron actuators, antenae, counterweights, radiators, etc.

By the way, there has been a "fan" (that has shown once and againt that is no fan) who requested me an unpainted kit of this plane. As you know, the unpainted kits are used exclusively to make repaints. So, the less said, better.
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