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Smile Dornier Do-24 1/100 Draco Models WIP

Hello friends!

Starting the second model of 2023, this time we are going with another airboat from the Draco Models seaplane series, this time it is the very welcome Dornier Do-24 in the 1/100 scale.

An important note to say is that at first Alejandro will not offer the model in 1/100 scale, but in 1/72 and 1/33, but he accepts special orders, when the model is ready for sale, consult him.

Speaking about the plane, the lineage of the Dornier 24 goes back to the famous Dornier Wal (Whale), it was a development of the twin-engine Dornier Do-18 ordered by the Netherlands in the 1930s to replace the Wal airboats in the Dutch Navy operating in the then East Netherlands Indies (now Indonesia), initial production provided for the use of American engines (the same used by the Martin 139WH-2, WH-3 by ML-KNIL), after four prototypes built for the Dutch who were enthusiastic about the plane were ordered to Dornier 13 aircraft and a production license for Aviolanda to produce a further 90 airframes.

The Dutch used Do-24s in combat against the Japanese with some success, one of which sank the Japanese destroyer IJN Shinonome. After the Japanese invasion and the final defeat of Dutch colonial authority, the surviving Do-24s were escaped to Australia and used by the RAAF as transports in the Borneo campaign of 1943.

Initially, the Luftwaffe showed no interest in the Do-24, but submitted it for evaluation in competition with the less conventional BV-138, which in the end was chosen. But the invasion of Holland and the need for seaplanes for SAR and patrol because the war, made the German occupation authorities reactivate the Aviolanda line and build 50 more planes that were for the Dutch, initially equipped with American engines, soon they were refitted with Bramo engines also produced in the Netherlands. Holland occupied. In France, a second production line was activated at CAMS, producing more than 85 aircraft.

The Luftwaffe used the Do-24 in virtually every theater of operation it engaged from Russia to Greece, it was much appreciated by pilots, especially for its open sea performance making it an ideal aircraft for SAR, replacing the obsolete Heinkel He-59 biplane. Spain received some that were used for SAR during the war, rescuing pilots from both sides in the conflict, and they were used for many years after the war, only being retired in 1971. France also used many after the war in the 1950s for patrol and SAR, until they were replaced by helicopters.

It is worth noting that a Do-24 was restored, transforming it into the Do-24 ATT version with new wings and P&W turboprop engines, amphibious capacity and new systems, in a proposal to reactivate the production of this classic in the 21st century, precisely to serve as a commercial aircraft. for cargo and for SAR.

In the next post we will analyze the model.
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