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Creases and Tubes

Originally Posted by DViener View Post
Does anyone no of a good tutorial on rolling smooth tubes so they donít have any creases?

Start with a larger diameter wood dowel. Roll it around until it takes a curve. Then use a smaller diameter to roll a few more times, now the shape should be a quarter round from full.

Keep going to slightly smaller wood dowels until the size you need is at least 90% of final shape/size. Should almost be rolled into a tube.

Now roll up tightly on the small dowel, wrap with rubber bands or clamps, let set for about an hour. Un-roll and glue as needed. While rolling tightly, insure you keep any of the graphic lines etc line up and the tube will be straight-check the ends to verify: if you can see see several wraps that look like a cone, it needs re-rolled. Both ends should be even with the layers visible.

My technique, not sure if it will work for your project.

My tubes are incredibly big. 9ft tall rockets etc..

Technique for rolling I did several years ago:
Tube rolling tutorial?-rolling-gluing-tubes.jpg

Some other tips/tools:


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