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Originally Posted by paperPino View Post
Hello everyone!

There has recently been a discussion on this topic in this forum, but I would like to have some suggestions from you on which high quality paper (about 300g/m2)-varnish (protective and glossy or semi-glossy) combination to adopt for a high quality final result.
Thank you very much for your help.

Have tested many different cardstocks and photo paper. The really expensive photo papers can give ink a whole new look.

Coated glossy cardstock has a clay mixture that makes it really heavy for flying, but ink looks good on it.

When comparing INDEX, TAG and COVER cardstock one things becomes apparent right away:
TAG is more yellow-Brightness level is lower than either INDEX or COVER
INDEX is brighter than TAG but rougher than Cover.
COVER is the best all around choice for card stock projects. Smoother than Index and brighter, ink looks better.

Cover is designed for use as menus and such, in other words designed to be handled. Must look good, be eye appealing to the user.

My overall choice is to use Cover for most of my projects now. Best part is COVER comes in many different sheet sizes and weights.

Hope this helps a little.

Mostly opinion, but, beginning to understand why the paper manufacturers have these different set of numbers to compare quality and papers.

On one of the threads here, someone mentions not to use TAG for projects due to the Sulphur content. Well found out INDEX has just as much, not sure about COVER, but Sulphur is part of the process in making paper from what I've learned. Not sure, maybe the Sulphur amount used is shown by the brightness standard.


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