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Thank You for you appreciation on my recolors of the F-15C both you Sir Rata and Sir Pericles

Anyways, since Sir Pericles have finished working on my Recolored F-15C that is assigned to the 142nd Wing, I would also like to share my finished buildof the other “Shark Mouth” model that bears the Markings of the 173rd Fighter Wing

Take note: This is a pre-revised prototype build (which I used my modified center fuselage, but I discarded it as Sir Bruno’s version is still the better one) which differs from the revised or edited versions that has been available in my Ecardmodels vendors page, I hope you still like it

DrDrei642 Repaints and Builds (Aviation Sub-forum)-9ffa8560-199c-4691-99f3-173c137287d3.jpg

DrDrei642 Repaints and Builds (Aviation Sub-forum)-fe94a5b1-20e8-4758-ae48-5cc7defde5d0.jpg

DrDrei642 Repaints and Builds (Aviation Sub-forum)-7cf19d8a-bb01-4fa7-ab78-44f8912c670d.jpg

DrDrei642 Repaints and Builds (Aviation Sub-forum)-c162fe08-04f7-44ef-8049-dfb0c749f0b5.jpg

DrDrei642 Repaints and Builds (Aviation Sub-forum)-9869c6f6-ee57-4cef-a7d4-2880f81d2bfc.jpg

DrDrei642 Repaints and Builds (Aviation Sub-forum)-5d05b9fc-2790-43ba-a1b8-a7eaf38e6e38.jpg

DrDrei642 Repaints and Builds (Aviation Sub-forum)-5eb97ef9-0610-4c7f-a62a-e241c52354aa.jpg

I guess the hi-resolution photos does not work out well, so I will provide the Link of my Facebook page that would direct to the post of my F-15 build
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