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Hello everybody,

originally I had immediately thought of my narrowest Evergreen profiles, but both the H profiles and the U profiles are 1,5 mm wide, which would not match to the filigree handrails.

Then I've compared a Channel profile (1,3 mm) with my planned four-part variant (right), which, when using strips (0,2 mm x 0,75 mm) for the sides, is approx. 0,9 mm wide, which looks more pleasing in combination with the round rod ( 0,45 mm) of the handrail struts.

And if I would cut a Styrene strip (0,13mm x 0,75mm) for the sides, it should look even better and even closer to the size specified in the NASA drawing get there, what would mean a bit more effort.

So I've tried to scratch such a Prototype. But it's already not easy to cut a 0,75 mm wide strip, but which I managed to do.

I then placed this strip upright on the ruler angle, clamped the Base strip (0,25 mm x 0,5 mm) in front of it and then both strips were carefully glued by using MEK at their connecting line. Then I glued a small strip onto the other side,

and let it dry.

Then I've carefully cut off a 1 mm long part from this U profile with a razor blade,

which actually succeeded with the precautionary placed Jump away-Protection tape (left).

Now only the small end piece had to be glued and trimmed,

whereupon the test fitting of the first Mount on the handrail could take place.

Although the feasibility of the Prototype could be shown in principle, I have in mind a smarter solution for scratching of the remaining 17 mounts, by what the effort should let be reduce.

Greetings from Germany
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