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yuri gagarin 1:200 [orel]

Finally I get together all the parts i need.
yuri gagarin 1:200 [orel]-l-qem-w_-f0q0kxb-ffc.jpg
in my original plan I will build 7 very boring and common battleships in WWII, but yuri gagarin's beauty make it jump in line.
now i'm in prepare stage, making excel of part list and make drawing of cables
plan is: full cabin light, full wall light, full navigation light, rotating propeller, серп и молот with light and song of Государственный гимн СССР, antenna rotating is in plan but need more test.
yuri gagarin 1:200 [orel]-qq-20230418113458.jpg
I will use 0402 led for wall light with 3d print parts, and some 0201 led for smaller light on mast, cabin light will be provided by 2.5mm light strip. doors and windows will be 3d print parts to seal the light in cabin well.
first peace will be cutted in May and target is to finish in 1.5 years.
thanks the reference of paper fan and marco, I also found 2 germany forum guy finished this project, i'm reading predecessor's post carefully.
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