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1/200 Heinkel Models' Infanta Maria Teresa

Hello ladies and gentlemen, after my Simara Ace, I thought it was time to actually try to put my lasercutter at work... actually it turned out that while the lasercutter did the actual "physical" work, I had to work out the mental process of converting a pdf to a workable format for the machine, while making sure all measurements remained correct.

Anyways, here we go...

The kit's cover :

The abandoned "sprues" :

This kind of stuff is why I bought a lasercutter :

The frame :

Well, what a surprise, suddenly it's no longer a full hull model ? ...

While it was my intention to built the ship in her full hull version , I suddenly realized that I had cut all the underwatership slots on the top side, meaning, both the ones in the false keel as the ones in the bulkheads. Yet I blindely followed the lines in the pdf files. That's no excuse of course, if I had been more aware while working the files I should have noticed the error.
My lovely wife however convinced me not to alter the files and to proceed with a waterline model instead.

And that's where I am at the moment :

After finishing the frame a couple of days ago, I was kind of stuck, because I replaced the toners of my printer a while back with cheaper blank products, simply because I can't afford the brand toners for my printer anymore. However it turned out the printquality was far from sufficient for a model, so I was kind put down by the situation. This morning though, it occured to me that I had already printed this model a couple of months ago on the printer at my work. So, even though I'm home injured at the moment I will have something to do
On the Bench :Infante Maria Theresa by Heinkel Models, JSC Simara Ace
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