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Thank you for following my little adventure gentlemen.
Progress on the ship is slow but steady, slow, mainly because recently I'm just too tired when coming home after work. Since I can't afford a car anymore I have to walk to and from the station for work (half an hour). So I only work on the model during the weekend.

JP, I agree with you about Heinkel's models, the quality is fantastic (though, if you have this particular one keep your mind to it if you want to make it full hull, the slots are wrong), and I like the "obscure" subjects of his models.

Work on the hull is finished (I think), so we're starting on the deckstructures fore and aft :

Only now I notice that I have forgotten to remove a rectangle (W) in the deck, no big deal since it's still easily accessable.

For this update no lasertechnology has been used.

PS : you may notice that some of the parts have printing on the back, this is because I had printed this kit at work and had forgotten that the settings for the printer in my office are at default double sided prints, so I had print it twice (good for spares of course).

To be continued...
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