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A pair of bridges and a Ken Bricchii-Kun from the Japan Bridge Association:
Paper Craft – Japan Bridge Construction Association (
You can chose your bridge color!!!
Ken Brichii Kun appears to be a kaiju that hangs (from?) around bridges.

According to a comment about the models, "When Ken Bricchi-kun, who is independent, was completed, I was filled with a sense of accomplishment!!!"
Don't miss your chance to fill yourself with a feeling of accomplishment, download and assemble a bridge paper model now, then re enact your favorite "suitmation" (スーツメーション) Japanese movie and stomp on it while making strange noises!!!

ペーパークラフト – 一般社団法人 日本橋梁建設協会

Just a reminder:
Many great paper model ships can be purchased elsewhere on this site.
The paper warships can try to protect the paper bridges from kaiju.
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