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Originally Posted by PAPER FAN View Post
Built this model a few years back. Posted here. She's a beautiful model and not too hard of a build.
hi paper fan, I read your post and also Marco's post many times for referance before I start.
i also collected lots of materials for reference, unorderly this is a quite old ship and ended it's life in India, so there's really not enough picture, especially for antenna and riggings. you can also see even in real historical picture, the color of mast is sometimes black and sometimes white.

I read posts all over the world and it looks like there's about 5-6 models were built, I also read the designer's post in onlypaper, he also have fighting with other people about the shape on ship, so that I decide to build it according the official book, and as much as I can.yuri gagarin 1:200 [orel]-1.jpg
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