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Originally Posted by Positive_Rate View Post
Impressive! Iíll be interested to watch. Regarding the keel and strengthening formers, did you glue the temp late to the heavier card then cut or ho did you go about that?
I havenít built one of these style models as yet but I know they require you to source 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm thicknesses of card then make the formers.
Dear Alan;
honestly, I'm also not a very experienced ship builder. there's different ways to reinforce the frame, in my mind, to reinforce the frame don't make the skin looks better, it just make the frames don't twist during skinning, and make the skin stronger when you are taking it by hand or kids play with it(so terrible!!!!)
so I use some chips to reinforce and also put some soudal pu foam to make the shape.

I will post pictures when I finish the hull, now I'm working on it.
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