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Leaning Tower of Pisa
(cardboard 3D puzzle-static)

Scale: ?


The construction of the tower with the belfry began under the direction of the architect Bonanno Pisano in 1173.
When the building reached the third floor, it tilted, Pisano tried to balance the slope in the fourth floor but he did not succeed, so he decided not to continue, fearing that the building would not fall. However, in 1234 the architect Giovanni di Simone built three more floors of the tower in the same design as Pisano. With this, a base tower in the shape of a cylinder was built. There is an entrance door on the ground floor and colonnaded galleries on the next six floors. All columns are topped with capitals and semicircular arches. These are typical features of the Romanesque style. This entire architectural work was completed in 1350 by Tommaso Pisano, another architect from the Pisan family, by adding the bell tower.
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