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Japanese paper model designing company

YumaYuma craftについて|広島でペーパークラフト制作・設計デザイン・通販はYumaYuma craft(ユマユマクラフト)

Yuma Yuma Craft is a Japanese company that designs paper models to your specifications. The link above is the portal to their huge web site which can be explored with a translator program. If you search carefully you will be able to find the page from which you can purchase many paper models, if you have Japanese charge account and addresses.
There is a page with advic about making paper models, and about glue and how to use it.👃
Yuma Yuma Craft designed a paper model for the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum
山梨県立博物館 -Yamanashi Prefectural Museum-
Here is the direct link to the paper model so tat yo will not have to spend many hours searching for it.
ヨゲンノトリペーパークラフト: 山梨県立博物館 -Yamanashi Prefectural Museum-
It is a model of a two headed crow, which if you go to Japan, you might be lucky enough to see one of.
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