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Originally Posted by John Wagenseil View Post
I mispled "advice" on my previous entry.
Here are instructions about paper model making in Japanese:
ペーパークラフトを楽しもう!!「のりづけ編」|作り方ガイド|YumaYumacraft(ユマユマクラ フト)

This is the translated explanation of the two headed bird.
"You can download the popular "Yogen Notori" paper craft for free. "Amabie" has become a hot topic in this corona disaster, but there is a similar mythical lore in Yamanashi Prefecture.
It is a bird "Yogen Notori" that has two heads and resembles a crow.
It was a mysterious existence that appeared as a result of the people of Kai Province, which was suffering from the plague, seeking salvation."

Here are many paper models. I don't remember if this has been posted before, if so please just revisit the site.
Cut Fold Glue
Perhaps there are new paper models here if this is a repost.

Thank you, sir. I had built some of the Rommy's for an old girlfriend's grandkids, and they don't seem to have made it over to this computer. Now I can get them again.
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