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Aces a320

You may not have heard of this airline but it was the 2nd most important airline in Colombia but the most beloved retro airline in Colombia, it seems that this position is well deserved since they looked after the well-being of the passenger, that's why I chose ACES to close my first Series of retro airplanes from Colombia and I also chose this recolor to present a mega modification that I did to Bruno's original A320 adding a new cabin that a friend from China made and an improved version of the landing gear from R&P models, I have been working on This modification since September 2022 although a move in process, final exams, that the original recolor of ACES did not align and a possible depreciation prevented me from showing this great project on which I have been working

That is why I chose the ACES A320 since it was the first A320 in Colombia and this recolor will be the first of this modification.

Apart from that I know that it is a good gift both for the community that helped me grow and for my 250 followers on instagram (juan_angel_b747)

I know you're going to love it

More recolors, modifications and possibly original models are coming

thank you so much


texman I upload the model in downloads
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