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Originally Posted by Siwi View Post
I'm guessing that making the jigs is as simple as using a 3-view that comes with the model kit? Or has it been more complicated than that?

Hi Siwi...

Actually, I only checked a 3-view from my Windsock Datafile to make sure the A-braces were not swept back or forward. The wire bending diagrams in the kit were used and I trusted that they were correct so I pushed the braces down into the balsa up to the little bend they showed. The other ends went into the engine bearers in the same way. Fit nice. This gave me the correct height from the top of the fuselage and then I just tweaked until everything was square, not leaning and straight. Finally, glue was applied and I put in a couple of cross braces to stabilize things. More of that today before painting and rigging. Not for the faint of heart, but it seems to have worked!

Thanks, Bob! We'll see how far I get for our next meeting...

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