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Originally Posted by SCEtoAUX View Post
Looks like a nice printer.
Do not do a firmware update. If you do the printer probably won't recognize non OEM ink cartridges.
Thanks for stopping by SCEtoAUX.

I decided to allow the FW update when it first powered up, I only had the clone carts in place.
It did it, whined that the carts weren't genuine & if I didn't change them for genuine, Epson would eat the liver of my 1st born child etc.
I clicked 'continue at my own peril' & it all went along OK. I've printed about 30 sheets now testing the abilities with no issues.

There are a few things that can probably get you out of a FW mess on this so I figured it was worth the risk.
1 it is possible to buy cartridges that you put your existing genuine chips on;
2 you can get separate cloned chips, ARC or regular, if req'd;
3 there is a chip resetter for when they hit the magic 'self-destruct' number.
So the reverse engineers have done a good job at reducing the flood of waste cartridges & mega-expense that is part of ink-jet culture on this.

It is worth noting that I was looking at big flatbed scanners & discovered this with the same spec scanner built-in was cheaper by a big margin. Crazy but good for me
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