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Paper AND Plastic

Have you mixed the two?

Many of us have incorporated plastic into our paper models.
Clear canopies are an example of that.
I've seen builders use plastic wheels on aircraft.

But what about incorporating paper into plastic builds?

I came across this great old Revell kit with card parts.
I've seen other plastic models that had cardboard backdrops, but never seen this diorama kit.

I'm currently building a large scale (1/12) plastic race car.
And I've already used paper in the interior.
I've redesigned the Instrument gauges...very small!...and installed into the dash.
I also printed the fuse panel and put it behind a small piece of clear plastic.
Oh, and the lower dash plates with all the switches on them.

And, I didn't like some of the parts in the cockpit tub.
I designed and printed the textured aluminum cover for the center hump/divider.
I also changed the side rail covers that hide wiring.
On the real car, they were a painted blue metal box cover.
Whereas in the kit, they offer flat chrome parts that just didnt look right.

I'm sure I will use a lot more paper and cardstock parts.
I am planning a diorama base for this model, and it will use a lot of cardstock parts.

So, what paper add-ons have you put into a plastic kit?
Or, my models at ecardmodels: Dave'sCardCreations
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