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Hi All,

And hi, airdave. Your plastic Spitfire/Bf 109 and cardstock revetment diorama was a good find. While Ive never built such a model, I am familiar with the plastic/paper diorama concept as it was often used by model companies to make promotional dioramas for display in hobby stores.

Back in August last year, I posted a thread titled, Hobby Store Displays that ran in the, Paper Models in the Wild subforum. The thread can be found here:

Hobby Store Displays

The thread directs the reader to a YouTube video that shows a large collection of built-up plastic models and over ten minutes of cardstock and plastic dioramas. It can be found here:

So that you dont have to slog through all the well-built plastic models, the section of interest to paper modelers starts at 1:06:40 and ends at 1:17:13.

Ive used plastic in a few of my paper models, but I think using plastic wheels on aircraft models is a bit much. Well, to each his own

By the way, work well-done on your 1/12 racecar, too.

Score and fold,

Thumb Dog
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