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I use paper all the time...

Strips of paper make GREAT tire treads on aircraft wheels. Or as hold down straps. Place little drops of glue along those straps and you've got little simulated bands of riveted steel.

Those simple, cheap paper napkins you get from your local Hamburger joint are good resources. Roll one of those up, tie it with some string, then soak it with diluted white glue. Let dry and paint. Tada! you have a realistic bed roll.

Those same glue soaked pieces of napkin can be shaped to simulate canvas tarps and sails.

Mush up some of your scrap paper with glue and water. You can shape it like playdough. Let the water evaporate out. Then paint. Great for dirt and rocks in diorama scenes.

I think some people shy away from paper as a modeling material because they fear damage from moisture. But once paper has been painted. It will last as long as any plastic model will.
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