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Originally Posted by Sakrison View Post
"Can of Peanut Butter"? Please, do tell!
Not much of a tale. I was 5 or 6, and Dad was in the Air Force. For some reason our peanut butter came in cans. Being the pre-pop top era of the early 80s, you had to use a can opener, which I had yet to master the use of. In the process of getting the can open, I cut the last inch of my thumb off. Fortunately we lived really close to the base hospital, so the doctors were able to reattach it.

And I'm pretty sure I'm the cause of the saying "Don't run with scissors". Also "Don't jump over Hibachis" or "Don't jump off of a swing backwards" although those don't seem to have caught on.

Yes, I'm just as surprised that I managed to reach adulthood.
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