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Participation in this Thread Broad Sketch of the Events

My plan was to provide my impressions, and the answers to the questions that I asked, through out this Thread. That is not a limitation of its potential.

If anyone reading this has observations about the kits presented, comments upon the work of the exhibitor (be nice!), or suggestions on how to solve building problems associated with a particular kit that is pictured, they are welcomed to add their thoughts. If any of the exhibitors remembers something that they didnít say during my interview with them, or if they have additional thoughts, they are welcomed to chime in and expand upon the words committed to this forum.

As I said earlier, my goals included preserving the experience for those who attended, while permitting those who could not attend a chance to experience the 2023 IPMC. I also wished to provide a Thread full of build tips and tool suggestions.

I donít want the Thread to be limited by these goals. Feel free to embellish the work presented hereÖ
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