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Suggestions for tools (favorite)

Linda suggested getting a good tool-chest was a must for founding the build process. She made a Gerstner her choice for her tools. I was unable to photo this for you, as she’d been packing things up by the time I was able to reach her for the interview.

She also advocated buying very sharp scissors, and keeping them sharp.

Finally, as another good tool for building, she recommended using a seem ripper, from a sewing kit, for scoring parts. She’s used this for a scoring tool for some time.

Scoring is the process of tracing the outline of the part, that is about to be cut or folded, with a round tipped tool. The scoring of a part makes cutting it smoother, and folding it more clean-edged. Scoring tools are sold in hobby shops; though some people choose other things, such as ball point pens that are empty, or even rounded dowel rods. Using a quality scoring increases fine cutting of parts to make the edges cleaner, and it enhances the folding of sections that need sharp creases. Linda’s sewing-tool seem ripper, with the ball at the end of the blade, was her alternative to buying a scoring tool, provided in most craft shops.
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