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I believe a lot of browser issues are the result of installed extensions(add-ons, plug-ins),
The lack of the proper extensions can also be a problem.

In Brave, for example, they use their own set of "shields" that work well to block many unwanted things.
But it also results in problems on certain sites...and I have to turn the shields off sometimes to navigate a site.

I've had issues with Chrome and certain extensions.

If one is having a problem with their browser, the first thing to do is turn off all installed extensions.
And go about your business, to see if the problem is resolved.
If it is, you then need to turn on each extension, one by one, to see which one causes the problem.
Then you can uninstall that extension, and maybe try an alternate.

Or, maybe you just need the proper an ad blocker.
Sometimes, ads, pop-ups, annoying animations and gifs, etc cause issues.

I use AdBlockPlus, which is totally free and works a charm.
Although youtube doesn't like it and is trying to usurp it! lol
But it works well on this site.

If it matters:
I use Brave, Firefox, Chrome and Edge.
But I don't use Edge much.
I must admit, Edge is only installed because its required for certain things on my system.

But, its there if I need today.
I opened it...told it "no. I don't want to make it my default browser"...
then went straight to this site.
Obviously I had to find my log in credentials and logged in.

I checked "keep me logged in" to store the correct cookie.

I had zero difficulty navigating, opening and closing various threads, scrolling and viewing images.
Yes, I did this for several minutes.
Then I navigated away from the site, and then returned by way of inputting the address again.
(Not just clicking the go back button)

I was still logged in and I started perusing again.

Since I have no ad blockers installed on this browser (Edge), I can see the Google Adsense ads.
Very annoying to the eye.
But because I don't plan on using this particular browser for this site, I'm not worried about installing any extensions (plug-ins).

Regardless, Edge worked fine for me.
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