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My Son and I are in Washington State. We always visit The Museum of Flight at Boeing Field.

If there is an aircraft there you would like close up photos of, please ask here. We will spend at least one day there.

I plan to get real close the the M21 and D21.

Another stop is the FT Lewis Museum. Tanks/missiles

We are road tripping together until the 21st when we have a flight back to Alaska.

Plan to drive down the West Coast to see the Spruce Goose as well.

I'm not sure how much standing time I will have, been cut up by a top rated surgeon. They pulled skin grafts and bone parts out of my right leg, Using them to replace items cut out from my jaw.

I do have a Nikon D800 camera with a FX 120zoom lens so any photos should be real clear.

Not sure, who might need detail photos or clarity of specific parts: more than willing to help.

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