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I did not see the Spruce Goose in the Gift Shop. Mostly t-shirts and hats. There were a couple of plastic models and simple wooden ones.

I left before actually taking a specific look for it, pretty sure I would have seen it as I walked around checking what they had.

Bought a SR71 baseball cap because it was raining hard outside and I didn't have a hat for my bald head.

All our plans got changed by snow. Not driving a summer tire equiped vehicle in snow.
Drove for the west coast and showed my son part of the Hwy 101 Scenic Views. We were able to dodge all of the snow this way, instead rain, rain.

Spent Friday-Monday at a small Western Washington town, Raymond, the Oyster capitol of the world. Super quiet comfortable hotel there: Golden Lion Inn-run by a small family-super quiet, rooms were big, full size Keurig-lots of coffee, roll of paper towels, full size trash cans, real toilet paper, double layer not single and smooth that most hotels supply or what is commonly known as John Wayne toilet paper: Doesn't take crap off anybody....

Irish Spring soap bars-lots of. Sure wish these bigger chains would provide that kind of quality. Absolutely no noise in room-off main street from hwy noise, electric baseboard heat. Did not have to listen to a heater fan with a blower bearing going out.

I needed that kind of rest sleep for this visit.

Whulsey: We tried to get to that museum, we both wanted to check it out-overnite forecast said 3-4inches of snow, they got 9inches in places.

Don, will post images when I get back, used my new to me Nikon D800 camera with a full frame Nikon lens 28mm-120mm. Still couldn't get a full shot of the Goose.

Being fresh out of the hospital the day before and using a cane, after two hours I was exhausted.

They really have some cool stuff going on there: Highly Recommended for anyone in the area for a visit.

In Olympia, WA waiting for my doctor visit on Wednesday the 21 and flying back to Alaska. Will be flat on my back tomorrow before driving into Seattle in the morning.

Best regards,
Mike Bauer
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