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Originally Posted by Siwi View Post
Option A isn't such a problem if the floor pieces are glued progressively as the upright tower is closed up. It doesn't eliminate the need to line up properly though. A better design solution would be attaching the floor to the inside of the tower top on one side, which then means it can be valley folded and attached to the other three tabs already joined.
You are right however my method doesn't use visible (valley folded) tabs and it works even if there is no access from the bottom.

To be honest I often try to avoid the folded gluing tabs if only possible. I found 90% of gluing tabs unnecessary at all. The thickness of the printed sheet of paper layered with a cardboard is often sufficient to keep the glued parts together. If the strengthening of the "edge connection" is necessary, the separate tabs are often better than the integral (eliminating folding of the printed sheets in case of folded tabs and helped to level surfaces in case of flat connection when the tab works as an overlay). That's why I prefer method C rather than B and B rather than A.
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